The quiet outskirts of Prague

Modřany has always been a quiet area on the southern outskirts of Prague, a place for fishing or growing wine that was later known for its sugar refineries. The district’s name is derived from the original name Modřiluhy – an old word that described the local hyacinth-blue meadows (modř = blue, luh = flood-plain meadow). Modřany’s greatest boom was during the First Republic, when Prague was made the country’s capital city and the railroad and steamboats made it easy to get from Modřany to Prague for work. Also at this time, locals could visit the “Bio Lido”, one of the first movie houses in Prague. To this day, Modřany still boasts a local cinema and the unpretentious atmosphere of Prague’s outskirts.

In the heart of nature

Woods wherever you look. Without a doubt, one of Modřanka Residence’s main benefits is its natural setting. The nearby banks of the Vltava River are not the only green spaces in the area; it’s just a short distance to the district’s pride – Modřany Gorge Nature Park, which offers numerous opportunities for spending your free time. There are many cycling paths, plus a marked hiking trail and an educational nature trail for parents with children. There is something for everyone: young people can play on the children’s playground, on the football field or the basketball courts, while adults will enjoy quiet walks along the creek or past the local reservoir.

The magic of the river

Want to go on a trip along the Vltava river? Whether you go with a baby carriage, by bike, or on inline skates, you can explore several paths and cycling trails on both banks of the river. From Modřanka Residence, you can follow the right bank past Braník all the way to downtown Prague, or in the other direction to Komořany and Zbraslav, where you will find a beautiful chateau with an exhibition of art from the National Gallery that is surrounded by a beautiful park. On the left bank, you will find yourself in Chuchle, from where you can follow the Berounka River to Radotín. The two banks are connected by a picturesque ferry that runs seasonally from a small dock by the Modřany train station. This part of the river is truly captivating, and its beauty can be admired from up close.

A healthy lifestyle

If you are a fan of various sporting activities and prefer active relaxation, then you will definitely appreciate the Modřany Freestyle Park, which offers inline skate rentals, a beach volleyball court, pétanque and golf. The nearby meadow is great for a picnic or just relaxing. You will find more golf at the Hodkovičky Golf Resort, and the Tempo tennis center is even closer by. There are also several sports facilities in the immediate vicinity of Modřanka Residence. At the nearby Hamr-Braník sports grounds, you can play football or volleyball year-round in a multipurpose arena. Adrenaline, sport, and entertainment come together at the horse racing track in Velká Chuchle on the other side of the river. The track offers children’s pony rides every Sunday. There are plenty of options for sports; all you have to do is choose.