Modřanka construction continues according to schedule


Modřanka construction continues according to schedule

Modřanka construction continues according to schedule

We are pleased to announce that the construction of Modřanka is proceeding according to the set schedule. Until the building is approved, future apartment owners can follow the progress of construction on our Facebook page or in the gallery.

Rough construction was already completed at the end of the year and the building is now being gradually insulated.

The project is almost sold out, but there are still apartments and commercial units available. If you are interested, please contact us at or by phone +420 724 772 248.

Start of construction


Start of construction

On Thursday, 13 August 2020, we officially handed over the construction site to BAK stavební společnost, a.s., which is the general contractor of the construction. The earthworks began the very next day, and the final approval is planned for spring of 2022. This endeavour will create 50 new apartments and 4 commercial units. The sale of this last stage was launched in June of this year.

Please see the pictures in the gallery.

Don't miss your last chance to get an apartment at Modřanka!


Don't miss your last chance to get an apartment at Modřanka!

Did you miss getting an apartment within the previous stages of Modřanka? No need to despair, we have released the last stage of the project for sale. There are 50 units, in particular 1+kk and 2+kk layouts, suitable for individuals or couples. Or if you are a family and need more space, take the chance while 3+kk units are still available.

The final stage has one major advantage, 4 commercial units providing space for resident services. If you wish to open a grocery, kindergarten or surgery, check out the offer of suitable premises here.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a meeting directly at Modřanka.

Modranka ready for action


Modranka ready for action

Phases III and IV of the Modřanka project, with a total of 143 apartments, are slowly filling up and coming to life. The last few apartments have been handed over and it’s time for moving in. Phases I and II and the park (completed this spring) are already operational, so everything is ready for the new families.
If you haven’t bought an apartment at Modřanka yet, you have one last chance. Early next year we’re planning to put the final phase up for sale! If you want to be among the lucky few who get first choice, send us your contact information through the registration form.


Rezidence Modřanka is the second BREEAM-certified residential project in the Czech Republic


Rezidence Modřanka is the second BREEAM-certified residential project in the Czech Republic

BREEAM is a system for rating building sustainability. It considers projects as a whole, looking not only at energy efficiency and water and waste management, but also the construction materials and process used.

The sustainable solutions at Modřanka include a forced ventilation system with recuperation. Unlike ventilation with open windows, recuperation units can exchange air without letting in noise from the surrounding area. Similarly, the system saves energy on compensating for heat loss, circulating pre-heated (or cooled) air into the room. The units are fitted with filters that clean the air brought into the apartments of any impurities and dust, ensuring a healthier inside environment.

Modřanka received its positive assessment partly also due to its water saving methods and park planted with local species of plants, an insect hotel and drinking spot for birds.

New addition to the Park Museum


New addition to the Park Museum

On Saturday, May 18, 2019, we held the opening ceremony for the new addition to the Park Museum, with the mayor of Prague 12 and general director of the Horizon group in attendance. Matěj Görner, co-designer of the park, led the adults on a guided tour while the children played on the playgrounds.

The Park Museum now features nine new stations, called “atmospheres”. You can walk through time and learn about figures like Elizabeth of Bohemia (Eliška Přemyslovna) and Jan Hus, and even visit the future. Will Modřany ever have a metro stop? One of the new displays is shaped like the iconic metro train wagon and intended for legal graffiti. Mayor Jan Adamec wrote the first message.

You can visit this 0.65 hectare park to learn more about the history of Modřany, relax with friends or spend the afternoon with the kids at the playground. Come check it out!

Rezidence Modřanka is almost completed


Rezidence Modřanka is almost completed

We are delighted to announce that Phase A, which will give a new home to 73 families, has received its final occupancy approval. Construction began in July 2017 and finished in February 2019. All apartments were sold long before the building was completed.

We will contact the future owners in the next few weeks to come for technical inspections of the apartments and then move into their new homes over the summer.

Modřanka time-lapse video


Modřanka time-lapse video

We are delighted to present you with this time-lapse video showing Modřanka Tower as it was built. Construction started in July 2017 and we kept you informed throughout of what steps were being taken, awards won, certificates acquired, and of course we posted pictures of how construction was going.

Now we are ready to celebrate, because the final occupancy review took place in December 2018 and Modřanka Tower is nearly complete. It looks so fast and easy in a 30-second video, right?

Final occupancy approval


Final occupancy approval

Our clients will receive timely updates on the building progress and the steps to be taken for the upcoming handover of units. Soon the new residents will be enjoying their views over the river and easy access to the city center. We look forward to the new stories that families will be writing at Modřanka in this new chapter in their lives.

Rezidence Modřanka Client Meeting


Rezidence Modřanka Client Meeting

We organized a meeting for clients of Rezidence Modřanka, phase A, with the architect Mr Görner in attendance. He talked about the concept of the Park Museum and what inspired him to create the whole complex.
In the technical show apartment we showed future residents how the heat recovery units and smart home system work.
Did you know that heat recovery units can circulate air without letting in noise from outside? Another benefit is that the air brought into the apartment is purified first, which makes for a more pleasant and healthful environment inside the home. Smart homes are becoming more and more common in new building projects. They give owners remote control over home functions such as heating, lighting, media, etc. This makes the modern home even more convenient.

A visit to a technical show apartment


A visit to a technical show apartment

For clients of Modřanka Tower, we organized a small gathering in the technical show apartment in order to show them how the project’s recuperation units and smart home systems operate.

Not only does the use of recuperation units allow for air exchange without suffering from the outside noise you have to endure when opening windows, but it is also an energy-efficient way of preventing heat loss, since the fresh air entering into the living spaces has been preheated. The unit’s filters clean the incoming air of all dust and impurities in order to ensure a healthier indoor environment.

Smart home systems are an increasingly more common element in modern housing. Such systems allow for the wireless and remote operation of various functions in the home, including heating, lights, media, or security systems. Everything is easily controlled from your mobile device using a special app. Our clients may still choose to install smart home systems as part of their client changes.

And because we didn’t want to talk just about technology, we also invited one of our architects, Mr. Görner, to talk about his sources of inspiration and to explain the concept of the Park Museum to the building’s future residents.