About Modřanka Residence

A lucky horseshoe for lucky living

On the right bank of the Vltava River in Prague’s Modřany district, on the site of a former sugar refinery and in close proximity to a neighborhood of First Republic villas, four modern apartment buildings will rise as part of the Modřanka Residence project. The buildings’ architecturally fortuitous arrangement in the shape of a horseshoe results in a unique private space for a large grassy atrium with trees and a children’s playground. Modřanka Residence – the ideal place for lovely and enjoyable living.

A vibrant home

Modřanka Residence will be built in several stages and will offer a total of 294 new apartments ranging in size from 30 to 160 m2, with layouts from 1+kk to 5+kk. Some of the units will include glazed loggias, the apartments on the top floors feature large terraces, and the ones on the ground floor will have green front yards. The larger apartments’ orientation in several cardinal directions, combined with the beautiful views of the river and of the sun’s journey across the sky give your home a sense of vibrancy, as does the original design of the buildings’ facades, which was inspired by neoplasticism and the work of famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

The present day in harmony with tradition

Thanks to its architecture and its placement in an original neighborhood, Modřanka Residence offers both an integrated urban design and quality housing in a villa district with all social amenities. You will find all your everyday needs – schools, shops, a post office, restaurants, a movie theater, doctor’s offices, and even a baroque church – within easy reach. Shopping, entertainment and many other services are available at the Novodvorská Plaza shopping center, located no more than 10 minutes away by car.

The city center within reach

Just a few steps from the outdoors and a few stops from town – now that is living at a good address. A bus stop directly in front of Modřanka Residence provides easy transit connections to downtown, a tram stop is a five-minute walk away, and it’s just ten minutes to a train station. In just thirty minutes, you can take public transport to Charles Square or the main train station, following an almost scenic route along the banks of the Vltava River. The local town hall is even planning to renovate the area’s main road, Komořanská Street.

10 reasons to live at Modřanka Residence

1.   Great location – Enjoy the peace and quiet you are looking for, combined with all the advantages of living in the big city. Both are within easy reach.
2.   The perfect housing for all – Choose according to your needs. We offer flats in various sizes, a green park, front yards, terraces, a children’s playground... What is your biggest priority?
3.   Easy access to the city center – No need to rush. Whether you prefer traveling by car or public transport, the city center is always close by. Evey if you take the scenic route along the Vltava River, you’ll be there comfortably in half an hour.
4.   Complete social amenities – Do your shopping, go out for good food, or take in a movie. All the services you need are within reach.
5.   Well-designed architecture – Enjoy a vibrant life even while at home. Admire our original Mondrian-inspired design and the buildings’ favorable arrangement around a green area. You can never have enough beauty.

6.   A traditional neighborhood – Enjoy the neighborhood’s original atmosphere and revel in the golden era of the First Republic. Even you can become a true local.
7.   Captivating nature – Savor the view of the river and relax in the outdoors. The Modřany Gorge, Zbraslav, Chuchle, Radotín... there are plenty of destinations for a walk or a day trip.
8.   Sport as a part of your life – Relax actively. By bike or on inline skaes, golf, tennis, football or volleyball – you will find a wide variety of sports facilities in the immediate vicinity.
9.   Attractive prices – Just the ticket. Modřanka Residence offers modern housing at a great address, in a pleasant environment and at affordable prices starting at just CZK 39,000/m2 excl. VAT.
10.   Easy financing – Entrust all worries associated with financing your ideal home into the hands of professionals. The mortgage brokers from Hypoasistent will work with you to choose the best mortgage product while offering you a broad range of benefits.


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